Camo Wedding Ideas

Camo themed and decorated weddings are quickly become quite-the-hit to those looking  for country wedding ideas and unique wedding ideas. Yet, planning this kind of wedding can be quite the challenge if you can not come across the right camo wedding ideas! Luckily for you, camo weddings are a breeze to decorate for! It is as simple as laying out camo tablecloths across the table and allowing your future husband to wear his favorite camo tie.



If you really want to go all out, tell your guests to sport their best camo to your wedding! As for the bride, she can sneak on her cute camo garter. If you and your husband have a love for the outdoors and a passion for camouflage, these camo wedding ideas allow you to incorporate the elegance of camo into your special day.


How to plan a 50th Wedding Anniversary

A 50th wedding anniversary is a very special moment in a couples life. It is important to make this day as cherished as possible by coming up with 50th wedding anniversary party ideas such as a surprise dinner!

Your next dinner party by Renaissance Flowers

Your next dinner party by Renaissance Flowers

Other 50th wedding anniversary ideas include a themed party or sending the couple off on a special date night. 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas can be things such a personalized photo album or a weekend getaway where they can recreate their wedding proposal ideas for a night of reminiscing and romance.

How to pick your wedding theme

The wedding theme that your choose is going to affect the overall mood and feel of your wedding. If you are looking for a classy reception, you may want to look into shabby chic wedding ideas but if your enjoy hues of purple and teal, peacock wedding ideas may be best for you!



The bride and groom who are looking for an outdoorsy wedding will more than likely be thrilled with bluegrass wedding ideas. Lastly, black and white wedding ideas are currently all the rage among those who are looking for a simple yet modern theme. Once the theme has been settled upon, it is time to get the ball rolling and start picking out decorations that fit in with your theme!

How to pick wedding centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces are vital components of your reception. Many wedding centerpiece ideas come from the season in which your wedding is being held.

For example, some spring wedding ideas include decorating the tables with flowers from Renaissance Flowers in Los Angeles. Summer wedding ideas include beach inspired items such as shells and sand dollars. Winter weddings are great for utilizing all of your purple wedding ideas such as deep purple flowers and light purple candles. Lastly, fall season wedding centerpieces should boast flowers with rich hues in a florist ball or vases!


How to incorporate burlap into your wedding

Whether you are searching for rustic wedding ideas or even wedding ideas for fall, the burlap material is going to play a significant role in the decor of your special day. Burlap is known for its luscious brown color and sturdy construction, yet offers unique elegance that will perfectly accent any cute wedding ideas you may already have.


Some of the most amazing burlap wedding ideas include burlap tablecloths, burlap wedding favor bags, a burlap aisle runner or even burlap candle holders. Yet one of the best of the many burlap wedding ideas is taking a simple piece of the material and wrapping it around your bouquet.

Renaissance Flowers in Los Angeles can provide you with chic and gorgeous flowers that will look superb when coordinated with the burlap. The previously stated burlap wedding ideas are sure to make your wedding as special as can be.

How to choose wedding flowers

Once you have settled upon your wedding theme ideas, it is time to begin looking into other wedding ideas such as the color of the flowers.

Flower wedding ideas for summer include using bright colors such as hot pink and orange while pastel flowers and fresh blooms are great wedding ideas for spring. Wedding ideas for fall are rustic colored flowers and deep colored roses. Last but not least, winter wedding ideas should involve opting for light colors such as crisp whites, crystal blues and subtle greys.



Ultimately, the color flower you choose should fit in with the season of your wedding and you should of course love it; Don’t chose green if you don’t like greens and pick pink if you like pink! Renaissance Flowers in Los Angeles has a vast array of flowers in many gorgeous hues so you can get the perfect color flower for your special day.

What Kind Of Wedding Invitation To Chose

Believe it or not, the wedding invitation is one of the most important aspects of any wedding. There are several different kinds of invitation techniques to browse from, such as: digital printing, letterpress, thermography and handmade. Out of all of these wedding invitation ideas, digital print is the most simple and least expensive while thermography offers a three-dimensional look that is much more complicated.

Beauty redefined by Renaissance Flowers

Beauty redefined by Renaissance Flowers

A nice touch to your invitations would be incorporating a picture of the flowers that you choose for your wedding from Renaissance Flowers in Los Angeles. Once done with the invitations you can focus on other things such as wedding scrapbook ideas, wedding shower ideas and finally tying the knot with the love of your life!

How To Choose Your Wedding Venue

One of the first things you’ll begin planning after becoming engaged is the venue of your wedding. If you are delighted by western wedding ideas, an outdoor venue may be the best option for you and your fiance. More and more people are utilizing barn wedding ideas for a unique and rustic weddings. Other venues include churches, backyards, and the beach!

Whatever venue you may chose, you will want to make sure there is enough room to accommodate all of your guests, there is proper lighting, and plenty of outlets. Also be sure that your venue works with the seasons, it if is going to be blazing hot during the day opt for an inside venue. Keep these helpful hints in mind when choosing your wedding venue and you know you’ll have the most perfect spot!

tree wedding

The Best Mothers Day Gifts

The best way to show your mom the love and affection that she deserves on Mother’s Day is with a bouquet of beautiful flowers! Mother’s Day flowers show her how important she is to you while also thanking her for everything she has ever done for your. Since Mother’s Day is in the spring season, some of the best Mother’s Day flower ideas include tulips, pink roses, daisies or even sunflowers!

If you are looking for a beautiful bouquet for the most important woman in your life, the best choice is surely Renaissance Flowers in Los Angeles! Their broad collection of fresh and gorgeous blooms make them an easy choice for someone as important as your mother.  Simple yet stunning and heart-warming, this Mother’s Day gift idea is sure to have her smiling during the whole month of May!

Sophisticated Yellow by Renaissance Flowers

Sophisticated Yellow by Renaissance Flowers


How to Pick flowers for Mother’s Day

Many people pick flowers for their mom on mother’s day but have a hard time choosing which Mother’s Day bouquet ideas to utilize! The key to picking out the best Mother’s Day flowers is knowing which flowers convey what message. For example; Carnations signify admiration while roses symbolize love.


If your are looking for a fun way to impress your mom, opt for lilies as they are the Chinese symbol for motherhood! While being a colorful addition to any Mother’s Day bouquet, sunflowers and gerbera daisies send a message of respect and admiration. Now that you a little bit about the different kinds of flowers, choosing which Mother’s Day flower ideas to choose should be much easier!