How to Choose Your Wedding Flower Color

Once you have settled upon your wedding theme ideas, it is time to begin looking into other wedding ideas such as the color of the flowers. Flower wedding ideas for summer include using bright colors such as hot pink and orange while pastel flowers and fresh blooms are great wedding ideas for spring. Wedding ideas for fall are rustic colored flowers and deep colored roses. Last but not least, winter wedding ideas should involve opting for light colors such as crisp whites, crystal blues and subtle greys.



Ultimately, the color flower you choose should fit in with the season of your wedding and you should of course love it; Don’t chose green if you don’t like greens and pick pink if you like pink! Renaissance Flowers in Los Angeles has a vast array of flowers in many gorgeous hues so you can get the perfect color flower for your special day.

How to Decorate Your Wedding Reception

Once the all-important wedding ceremony is over, it is not to party at the reception! Yet, in order to get everyone in the mood, you need to decorate everything just right! If your are having a spring wedding, some outside wedding ideas include decorating with lanterns or fresh spring bouquets from Renaissance Flowers in Los Angeles.



Indoor receptions should also boast tons of stunning flowers. As you are decorating, be sure to designate an area for the food, guests book and favors. Some great wedding guest book ideas are having guests write messages on stones to decorate your home with or pieces of paper for a scrap book. Lastly, when decorating your reception be sure to use coordinated colors and organization techniques to ensure everything looks nicely put together.

Budget Wedding Ideas

Many brides think using inexpensive wedding ideas  is close to impossible but with these budget wedding ideas it will be a breeze! Budget wedding ideas include picking up on DIY wedding ideas where you can create all of the possible decor you could ever need for your wedding without having to pay retail! When planning a wedding on a budget you should also take into consideration simple wedding ideas.

Simple and Pink by Renaissance Flowers

Simple and Pink by Renaissance Flowers

Going over-the-top and crazy is going to cost you a pretty penny in the long run so keep it as simple as can be. When searching for wedding menu ideas on a budget, stick to things that are affordable and in-season, that way you are not paying thousands of dollars for your guests to eat. Just because you utilizing wedding ideas on a budget, does not mean that you wedding has to be any less beautiful and stunning than you have imagined it!

Rustic Wedding Ideas

Rustic wedding ideas provide the marrying couple with a earthy, warm and welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for any special day. Some cheap wedding ideas for a rustic themed wedding include using various fruits and vegetable as the main focal point for centerpieces. To decorate your rustic wedding, you can use things such as flower pots or metal candles with mini tea-lights placed in the center.


As for the venue, rustic weddings look fantastic in farm and backyard settings. The ultimate finishing touch to any rustic wedding is surely the flowers. Sunflowers and roses are the best choice for a rustic bride. Renaissances Flowers based in Los Angeles can provide you with chic and beautiful flowers to make stunning arrangements for your rustic wedding.

Wedding Vow Ideas

Everyone knows that writing your vows can pose to be quite the stressful task, yet with the right planning and the right wedding vow ideas, the process is made much simpler. Some of the most memorable heartfelt wedding vow ideas come straight from the heart. Yet other wedding vow ideas can be pulled straight from your favorite passage of poetry or song that your and your partner have special memories with.


There are also traditional wedding vow ideas which are usually performed in church ceremonies. Last but not least, there are funny wedding vow ideas where the couple shares funny memories; these are always a crowd pleaser! If you are feeling like you know what to say, but just don’t know how to say it, these wedding vow ideas are sure to help guide you in the right direction of romance!

Tasteful Wedding Favor Ideas

Planning an elegant wedding requires you to opt for tasteful wedding favor ideas. These small tokens will let your guests know that you appreciate their time and effort to attend your special day. Some tasteful wedding favor ideas include such things as customized champagne glasses or perhaps high-end pewters.


Other wedding favor ideas include mini-picture frames, candles or even baked goods. If it fits your budget, customized or monogrammed favors are a wonderful choice! There are a variety of tasteful wedding favor ideas to chose from in order to fit in with the overall theme of your wedding and of course, satisfy the friends and family who have attended your wedding.

How to plan a Fall Wedding

The fall season in Los Angeles offers cool weather and refreshing scenery that is perfect for a wedding! It is best to use this wonderful weather and look into fall wedding ideas for your special day. Many brides use this season to take advantage of backyard wedding ideas as well as outdoor wedding ideas.


Wedding color ideas for a fall wedding include rustic colors such as deep oranges, dark reds and rich browns. Another great wedding opportunity for fall is an abundance of wedding photo ideas! Have your guests throw some leaves in the air in excitement and snap a photo so you can capture this magical day.

Camo Wedding Ideas

Camo themed and decorated weddings are quickly become quite-the-hit to those looking  for country wedding ideas and unique wedding ideas. Yet, planning this kind of wedding can be quite the challenge if you can not come across the right camo wedding ideas! Luckily for you, camo weddings are a breeze to decorate for! It is as simple as laying out camo tablecloths across the table and allowing your future husband to wear his favorite camo tie.



If you really want to go all out, tell your guests to sport their best camo to your wedding! As for the bride, she can sneak on her cute camo garter. If you and your husband have a love for the outdoors and a passion for camouflage, these camo wedding ideas allow you to incorporate the elegance of camo into your special day.

How to plan a 50th Wedding Anniversary

A 50th wedding anniversary is a very special moment in a couples life. It is important to make this day as cherished as possible by coming up with 50th wedding anniversary party ideas such as a surprise dinner!

Your next dinner party by Renaissance Flowers

Your next dinner party by Renaissance Flowers

Other 50th wedding anniversary ideas include a themed party or sending the couple off on a special date night. 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas can be things such a personalized photo album or a weekend getaway where they can recreate their wedding proposal ideas for a night of reminiscing and romance.

How to pick your wedding theme

The wedding theme that your choose is going to affect the overall mood and feel of your wedding. If you are looking for a classy reception, you may want to look into shabby chic wedding ideas but if your enjoy hues of purple and teal, peacock wedding ideas may be best for you!



The bride and groom who are looking for an outdoorsy wedding will more than likely be thrilled with bluegrass wedding ideas. Lastly, black and white wedding ideas are currently all the rage among those who are looking for a simple yet modern theme. Once the theme has been settled upon, it is time to get the ball rolling and start picking out decorations that fit in with your theme!