How To Have A Fun Wedding

There are many fun wedding ceremony ideas that the bride and groom can use to make guests excited and entertained during their wedding. The first includes using kiss cards in your wedding program ideas; put numbers 1-10 on the programs and allow guests to rate the first kiss!

Some other fun wedding ideas include wedding decorations ideas such as silly pictures of the bride and groom, bright colors and seats in a circular pattern rather than rows. Last but not least, a fun wedding should include funny wedding vows ideas where the bride and groom share some jokes and funny personal stories. All of these wedding entertainment ideas are sure to keep guests smiling and happy as you partake in the most important day of your life.



Rustic Wedding Ideas

Rustic wedding ideas provide the marrying couple with a earthy, warm and welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for any special day. Some cheap wedding ideas for a rustic themed wedding include using various fruits and vegetable as the main focal point for centerpieces. To decorate your rustic wedding, you can use things such as flower pots or metal candles with mini tea-lights placed in the center.

As for the venue, rustic weddings look fantastic in farm and backyard settings. The ultimate finishing touch to any rustic wedding is surely the flowers. Sunflowers and roses are the best choice for a rustic bride. Renaissances Flowers based in Los Angeles can provide you with chic and beautiful flowers to make stunning arrangements for your rustic wedding.


How to Pick Flowers for Easter

The spirit of Easter is all about hope, new beginnings and love.

The flowers that you chose to send as a gift or decorate your home for Easter, should reflect this magnificent spirit.

Some of the best Easter flower ideas include fresh bloomed roses, daisies or even carnations.

Renaissance Flowers of Los Angeles offers a broad range of beautiful flowers, bursting with springtime freshness for your Easter celebration. The fresh colors of spring are out and Easter is right around the corner,

take advantage of this amazing opportunity  by utilizing all of these Easter bouquet ideas.

Floral arrangements by Renaissance Flowers

Floral arrangements by Renaissance Flowers

Easter Gift Ideas

Easter gift ideas all depend on the age of the person that you are shopping for. Easter gift ideas include small toys and of course baskets full of candy!

If you are shopping for someone in their twenties, gift cards to their favorite restaurant or coffee shop is always an excellent ideas!

Lastly, Easter gifts for adults include gift cards, flowers for women, tools for men, or perhaps a simple card letting them know how much you appreciate them on this special day of the year.

Floral arrangements by Renaissance Flowers

Floral arrangements by Renaissance Flowers

How to Plan the Perfect Easter Dinner

Floral arrangements by Renaissance Flowers

Floral arrangements by Renaissance Flowers

Celebrating Easter is best done with a celebratory Easter dinner! Traditional Easter dinner ideas include things such as a freshly baked turkey or a honey baked ham. Other Easter food ideas include side dishes such as deviled eggs, apple-pear salad, or a delicious potato soup. Don’t forget about dessert! Some Easter dessert ideas are lemon cookies, hot cross buns, or a scrumptious banana truffle. Keep in mind, no easter dinner is complete without a beautiful spring centerpiece. Fill your tables with fresh and stunning flowers from Renaissance FLowers in Los Angeles to impress all of your friends and family with your fancy tastes.

How to Decorate your Home for Easter

Floral arrangement by Renaissance Flowers

Floral arrangement by Renaissance Flowers

Easter decorating ideas are a great way to celebrate this marvelous holiday, filled with hope and joy. Some great Easter decorating tips include strings of blown-out eggs used as a festive garland, fresh picked spring flowers, easter baskets full of delicious candies, or cute little bunny sculptures hopping around your home. Another excellent Easter decorating idea includes sprucing up our front door with a pretty Easter themed wreath. All of these exciting Easter decorating ideas are sure to have everyone in your home smiling in delight with every corner they turn!


Mason Jar Wedding Ideas

As your are planning your special day and looking for cheap wedding ideas or even DIY wedding ideas, your will discover the magical potential that mason jars have. Mason jars make wonderful wedding decor during any season of the year.



Here are some mason jar wedding ideas to get you started: place flowers in the jar and use them as centerpiece, hang them throughout the ceremony with tea-lights in the center make them into cups or even fill them with items for a party favor! To top all these mason jar wedding ideas off, you can glue lace or burlap around them for a super elegant and chic touch.

How To Choose Wedding Gifts ?


Are you facing a dilemma  in the wedding gift ideas area for the wedding or anniversary that you have just around the corner?

photo source:pinterest

photo source:pinterest

There is no reason to panic! There are many wedding gifts ideas and wedding anniversary ideas that are sure to bring a smile to the couples face such as tickets to a concert or a beautifully framed picture. Some other wedding present ideas include gift baskets, dinner gift cards or perhaps some appliances for their kitchen. If you are the wedding couple, you may want to start thinking of wedding registry ideas so your guests can come up with more wedding shower gift ideas for you and your fiance. While on the topic of gifts, you will also want to utilize your wedding card box ideas so attendees will have a nice place to place any cards they may get you.